claudebioWelcome to Claude Dambreville‘s website where you will be able to enjoy some of his most beautiful creations.

Who is Claude Dambreville?

He is an artist and author born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti on December 17th 1934. He started his professional career in August of 1968 at Centre d’Art Haitien, founded by American artist Dewitt Peters.

His works are displayed in galleries around the world and are part of the most famous art collections.


Claude Dambreville’s Paintings (Artwork)

As you can see, he is a skilled artist who not only excels in scenes straight out popular Haitian life, but also in many other interesting subjects such as the musicians, still life, portraits, nudes, landscapes, etc.

Contact Me

To contact Claude Dambreville, you may send him an email here: claudedambreville@hotmail.com.